Rui and Savannah

How We Met

I moved to Portugal to do volunteer work before I went I had never even heard of the country but I had friend who recommended me to check it out! They got held up because of a visa issue and so I moved there without knowing one person my friends told me to meet up with Rui because he was a really good friend of mine I turns out they really wanted us to get together! we went to morocco together on a trip and I realized I liked him more then a friend and wanted to start dating and he wanted to also we were on the same page and the rest is history.

Rui and Savannah's Engagement in Monserrate palace

Proposal Ideas Monserrate palace

How They Asked

My boyfriend told me the plan was to go to Sintra, Portugal with our friends/photographers he wanted to join to scout out places to supposedly shoot an engagement the next day. During that time, our friends asked me and My boyfriend to pose in pictures and see how poses would work in the locations and nothing was out of the ordinary because our friends have taken pictures of us before so, it wasn’t a big deal. We then went to this main spot with this GORGEOUS white Palace and gardens. The palace architecture was amazing with Moroccan/Arab vibes. Which was really special because our relationship started in morocco so him choosing that spot made it that much more special!So, we started walking under these very detailed arches while our friends were taking our picture. They told me to turn around and pose like I was looking around at the architecture and then boyfriend grabs my hand. At that time, I was just thinking, “Cool, that’ll be a nice picture”. I then turn around and he’s on his knee. However, I asked him if he was joking around and he told me no and continued holding my hand. I kept being in disbelief and even said, “get away!” and walked away then, went back to him. I wasn’t upset, I just was in pure shock!!!

Then, he said some mushy gushy things that I honestly don’t remember because of being in shock and then he proceeds to ask if I will marry him. I waited like 30 seconds until I said, “Yes! Of course!”

Poor Rui was panicking as he waited for my response. We then hugged and kissed & he put on the most gorgeous ring, it truly surpassed my expectations.

Then, we had our moment to take it in and met back with our friends/photographers, took some more pictures then, headed to the car. I then planned on surprising my roommate about the engagement, but then tables turned and she surprised me especially since she is a professional florist and we all walked in on the most beautiful surprise engagement party at our apartment. Perfectly styled and so much love It was the most perfect day and totally unexpected. Me & my, NOW, Fiancé felt SO loved and supported by our friends and family.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Monserrate palace

Special Thanks

The Barilles
 | Photographer
Salted blooms
 | Florals and styling