Rebekah and Chasity

how we met

We met on a dating app! Chasity totally swiped right past me thinking I looked too intimidating, but thankfully I reached out and she gave me a shot so I could show her I’m really a softy, especially when it comes to her.

how they asked

We were so ecstatic to have found one another that it was an agonizing 6 months before I proposed to her, our agreed upon timeframe. However, I wanted to take her by surprise, so I attempted to throw her off track a bit. This meant she was expecting a proposal during our vacation to the mountains, a week before our 6-month anniversary. She was SO disappointed when I didn’t propose and I did my best to reassure her by asking her to trust the process. I only made her wait one more week, on our actual 6-month anniversary. I told her that before our anniversary dinner, we were going to our favorite spot, which is a park along the river where we often go to watch the sunset. While there, we planned to discuss the last chapter of a book we had been working through, 8 Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love. To set the stage, I brought a picnic complete with snacks and a tequila shot to cheers the end of the book. In the snacks I included a box of Cracker Jacks because she had been saying for months, “I’ll take a ring from a Cracker Jack box!” To call her bluff, I planted a plastic ring in the box and after opening it, she was amazed! “This is so crazy there’s a ring in here! Did you do that!” I just shook my head saying “what a coincidence! Can you believe it!?!…I’m good, but not THAT good!” After our tequila shots and as we were packing up our things, I put my arms around her, said some sweet things, and got down on one knee to ask her the most important question of my life. I had secured a wonderful photographer, Celeste, months in advance to capture the moment and it was the sound of her camera clicking and the crowed clapping and yelling congratulations that snapped us back into reality after she said “A MILLION TIMES YES”. Instead of an anniversary dinner, I surprised her with an engagement celebration at the tex mex restaurant where we had our first dinner date and invited some of our closest friends and family to join in our celebration.

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