How She Asked: Flash Mob Proposal

How We Met: I met Rebecca at Club Hippo, Baltimore 3 1/2 years ago. We were both looking for a one night stand. Half way through the night, Rebecca determined she actually liked me and decided to enforce her three date rule.

After dating for a couple months, a friend let it slip that I had kissed a different girl at the same bar the weekend before meeting Rebecca. As a joke, Rebecca said I needed to “re-do” our first date. So I sent her on a scavenger hunt of Baltimore that ended where our first date was down at the harbor for a second, first kiss.



How They Asked: To propose, I reinvented the scavenger hunt, where her and her best friend went on a day-long scavenger hunt around Alexandria, VA. The last clue had her head up to Club Hippo, where we first met. Once she entered she was told to go have a seat….

Then 30 of our closet friends and family performed an epic flash mob proposal.

How They Asked Flash Mob


Photography by Alex Guckert
Choreography by Ashliana Rowe
Ring by Nugget Jewelers