Rebecca and Danielle

Rebecca and Danielle's Engagement in A private cabin in Concession, Nova Scotia

How We Met

We actually met on Tumblr six years ago! We began as friends, but after the decision to visit each other, we quickly fell for one another and knew we had to try to make this work so we started a long distance relationship. We were living on opposite sides of the country at the time and visited each other a couple of times a year. Two years into the relationship, after Danielle finished her degree she decided to move across the country so we could finally be together and say goodbye to the distance. We have been inseparable ever since. We now live in the beautiful city of Halifax with our dog Mabel and cat Olive and couldn’t be happier.

Proposal Ideas A private cabin in Concession, Nova Scotia

How They Asked

We had talked about marriage and browsed engagement rings briefly in the past, but nothing too serious. It was a long weekend when we went away just the two of us to a little cabin on the lake in Concession, Nova Scotia.

When I woke up in the morning I was shocked to find a chocolate box on the table that looked just like the one from Matilda, my absolute favorite movie! The ring was inside the box, next to little chocolates that she handmade herself! I immediately said “YES!”.

What she didn’t know is that I was also secretly planning on proposing to her that day. In the evening, I assembled a campfire for her complete with strung lights, wine and cheese and of course, s’mores! As she was coming outside of the cabin, I handed her a large wrapped gift, she sat down and opened it. It was a handmade wooden frame with our favorite quote, followed by the words, ‘Marry Me?’ She cried and of course said yes as I pulled out a box with her ring inside.

To both of our surprise we realized that we had picked out the same ring for each other! It was the most magical day!

Special Thanks

Dick Bipes
 | Constructed Matilda chocolate box
Lindy and Karly
 | Constructed framed sign