Raquel and Jess

Raquel's Proposal in Boston, MA

How We Met

We are a tinder success story! We swiped and we knew it was right from there. It only took us a week for us to become official but from the moment we started talking we were inseparable. Jess is a teacher in Dallas and I worked at the DMV. I remember telling people for the millionth time that this was different…and it actually was. Our first date was at Applebees after spending the whole night talking, so we were exhausted.

How They Asked

The Boston Public Gardens seemed like a picturesque backdrop to propose to the love of my life. I remember watching an episode of Shark Tank years ago and hearing about Paparazzi Proposals. I knew that that was something I would remember for whenever I met the perfect girl. When the time came, I reached out to the Boston offices and they helped to set me up with a photographer, maps and even set out a picnic with flowers and champagne to help set the romantic scene.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Boston, MA

I was really nervous. I wrote my vows on a scroll and hid it in my jacket, along with a slim ring box to make sure Raquel would not accidentally feel it in my pocket. Getting to the proposal spot was a bit of a mission. I knew I was on a timeline because I had a photographer waiting. Raquel had absolutely no idea about any of it and thought we were just out for a stroll. Her words: “Why are you walking so fast, Jess?” as I am notorious for being a slow walker.

Where to Propose in Boston, MA

When we finally arrived at the park, I had to help guide her to the right path so we would pass by our picnic set up. This was not that easy, as she kept stopping for squirrels. She even got to show her ring to a squirrel later on.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Boston, MA

As we walked hand in hand toward the spot where I would pop the question, the wind was blowing and the beautiful Autumn leaves were falling to the floor. Only one thing passed through Raquel’s mind the closer we got to our picnic blanket: ” Why is Jess taking me to a dead body?” The wind had rolled the blanket into an unfortunate mess. I unrolled it to reveal the sweet treats and Raquel was impressed. I began to read from my letter, with tears welling up, and tell Raquel how much I love her while listing the reasons why. I got down on one knee and Raquel was in complete disbelief, simply repeating “what?” and “stop” over and over.

Raquel's Proposal in Boston, MA

When I opened the ring box, Raquel was all smiles with the custom ring I ordered her. She said it was perfect and I was so happy to call her my fiancee.

Special Thanks

Paparazzi Proposals
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