Randi and Amber

How We Met

We met in 2017 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We were on the Big Red Bus, a double-decker bus that takes you on a pub crawl (it’s a Long Beach must-do!). The moment we started talking we clicked and still can’t get enough of each other.

How They Asked

Randi proposed to Amber. It was a surprise but everyone knew it was coming. We designed our rings together and Randi secretly picked them up without Amber knowing. Randi planned a scavenger hunt all around Long Beach with clues to each of our favorite places– The first place we met, our first date spot, our favorite place to dance, where we play volleyball together, the airport where we have traveled to so many places together, the coffee shop where we talked and saw each other for the first time after our initial meeting on the Big Red Bus. There were seven stops in total and at each stop we had a friend waiting for us with the next clue. At our final stop on the bluff in Long Beach overlooking the water, our amazing friends and family (Ivy, Amber, Sugar, Eliza, Matt, Jeremy, Vanessa, Dakota) stood with a sign that read “They told me to make her fall in love with me I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs, I’m the one who falls in love.” Randi got down on one knee and asked Amber to marry her. Our BFF Sugar had both rings with her and immediately following Amber’s yes encouraged Amber to propose too! Amber gave a beautiful speech and proposed right back to Randi. We popped champagne and celebrated with our closest friends all evening. It was a magical and forever memorable day.

Special Thanks

Crystal Cove State Park
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