Rae and Monica

Image 7 of Rae and Monica

How We Met

We first met at a club.. a typical love story right? At that time, we were both enjoying being single and Monica’s claim that it was supposed to be a “one-time thing,” turned out to be the very thing we’ve been waiting for all our lives, which is our person. Monica was so skeptical the few times we went out, I didn’t play any games, and I was very upfront about what I wanted and my intentions.

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She never thought someone liked me existed. (The two things that won her over were that I always opened her door, I cooked, communicated well and I always take the “road” side of any street we were walking on… shows how low the bar is in dating because to me these are the automatic bare minimum to treat your partners!).

Image 6 of Rae and Monica

I also felt the same way, that no one ever treated me so well and loved me wholeheartedly for me. I knew she was the one when she said, “All I want to do is be in love and travel and experience life.”Image 2 of Rae and Monica

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After terrible back-to-back relationships, I almost gave up on finding my person. Monica and I found each other at the perfect time and I knew she was the one right when we met :)

Image 4 of Rae and Monica

Special Thanks

Stephanie Hopkins
 | Photographer
Angie Gueverra
 | Planning