Rachel and Laura

how we met

We met in college at Emporia State University. Rachel was a senior on the women’s basketball team and Laura transferred there as a junior to play basketball as well. Laura first met Rachel on April 19, 2012 while she was on her visit to see if she wanted to attend college there. Ironically and unplanned, Laura and Rachel started dating exactly one year later on April 19, 2013.

how they asked

The proposal took place at Loose Park in Kansas City. The fun thing about being in a same-sex relationship is we do not have to follow the typical gender roles. We get to choose who asks who to marry each other and if we both want to wear an engagement ring. We even purchased our engagement rings together. We figured we might as well pick it out, so we get what we want if we plan to be wearing it the rest of our lives. We both knew we had the rings, but who was going to ask who?! Our 5 year dating anniversary was coming up. We knew it would be special to get engaged on our anniversary, so Rachel took the initiative to surprise Laura. With the help of Laura’s brother and sister, Rachel stopped at Loose Park in Kansas City before going to dinner at The Plaza where Laura’s sister and brother had set up a “Will you marry me?” sign that Rachel had made in front of a fountain. Rachel dropped on one knee and popped the question. Honestly, we were both shaking because we were both so nervous. We thought every engagement would be as cookie-cutter as seen in movies, but we both could barely speak! We then went to dinner, and Laura wanted Rachel to have a special proposal, so Laura’s sister secretly rushed to buy candles and rose pedals and had them arranged in our room. When we got home that night, Laura then dropped on one knee to propose to Rachel. We look back and see why we were so nervous. Our proposal was a huge step in our relationship. It was a public announcement that we were deciding to marry each other which is something we had talked about for 5 years. Honestly, we struggled to worry if our families would accept our decision or not. We finally decided to follow our hearts as we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. The love and support that we have received has been overwhelming. That day will forever be remembered as a huge stepping stone in our relationship.

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