Rachel and Jamie

how we met

Jamie and I met when I was on a date with another girl. She was her friend. When this girl and I didn’t work out, Jamie contacted me once again. The night we had first met, I thought Jamie didn’t like me because she wouldn’t look at me or talk to me. Turns out, she thought I was really pretty but felt bad because I was with someone else! Her reaching out to me was the best thing that has ever happened.

how they asked

Jamie bought the ring a couple months before she proposed. She has never been very good at keeping secrets, but this one she kept for so long. It was the day before she proposed that she slipped up. We had our beach trip planned the next day, and there was a lot going on at home and I said “well we are still going to go right?” and she said “of course! I’m going to propose to Rachel” and her face turned white. She couldn’t believe she spilled the secret! I felt bad but couldn’t stop smiling because I was so excited! We agreed to “forget” that comment and the proposal was so us, and so perfect. One of our favorite dates ever was going to the beach for one of my birthdays and having a movie night, pizza, and each others company. We relived that night, and she proposed.

Special Thanks

Willow Creek Studios
 | Photography
Hug Point
 | Location