Rachel and Bailey

how we met

We met plating college softball (No Joke). We had a softball tournament and one of my teammates told me there was a new freshman that they thought I would like. When I got to the locker room I saw this beautiful girl sitting in her locker. I had no words but I knew she and I would be together someday.

how they asked

In August 2018 at Austin Pride we found ourselves back at the same spot of our first picture together in 2011. Surrounded by all of our close friends Bailey took me aside to spend some time together away from everyone else .To paint a picture, it was a very very hot day and Bailey wanted to sit down under the beating sun to talk about us. As most of our friends know, Bailey is not the one to express her feelings.. I asked is everything okay and she handed me a pair of socks..(Socks means to us that its something serious), and then Bailey took a knee and proposed. I began to cry because it was a huge surprise. I did not think that it would happen for a few more years. Bailey said she has been planning it since the beginning of the year. Austin pride was were we had our first kiss. The first place we had a connection.


Special Thanks

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