Ladies: Thinking About Proposing to Your Boyfriend? Inspiration and Tips for a Female-Forward Proposal

We’re suckers for a great surprise proposal here at How They Asked—and there’s nothing more surprising (or romantic) than flipping traditional gender roles on their head and proposing to your boyfriend. After all, who says ladies can’t take the reigns and drop to a knee? Today, then, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite role-reversal proposals, along with our top tips for any woman who might be thinking of asking her man the ultimate question.

Inspiration for Proposing to Your Boyfriend

1. Cass’ Surprise Hawaii Proposal

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“My fiancé is a doctor who has recently purchased his own clinic. He has been extremely busy with this so I knew the idea of me proposing to him was the furthest thing on his radar. Every other year his family goes on Christmas break to Hawaii so back in June we purchased tickets. He made a joke about possibly proposing to me but I begged him not to do it at ‘such a cliché time or place.’ Over the next few weeks somewhere along the line he made a comment about him getting proposed to, I retorted that he would probably love the attention & we laughed as he agreed he most likely would. That’s when I knew I would be asking him. After 6 months of planning, asking his parents’ blessing, hiring a photographer & ukulele player I was ready.”

2. Clara’s Love Letter Proposal

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“Well, it came to our one month anniversary on 2-1-19 and I had planned to propose to him if his ring came on time. I said we would go on a ‘romantic walk’. I have been writing him letters up to the day we get married, because I live 3 hours away. Well, this week I decided to write them but give all of them to him in his anniversary gift, except for the last one that I saved for the walk, because in the letter I asked him, “Will you hold my hand through eternity and marry me?” I then got on one knee and asked him. He was so shocked and surprised, it took him a moment to realize I was actually asking him. He said ‘Yes’, we hugged, and it was the best hug we have ever had. I put his ring on him—his favorite color black and blue. He responded. ‘You beat me to it.’ I love him so much. When you know it is right with someone, you just know.”

3. Emily’s Well-Timed Proposal

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“Instead of asking for my father’s permission alone, we spoke with all of our parents and siblings to ask for each of their blessings. Not only were we showered by love and support from both sides, but we were also gifted a beautiful heirloom stone which had been passed down through three generations of women in my family. Alex designed a simple ring with the help of a local, family-owned jeweler, and on the day the ring was ready, he proposed…Exactly one week later, I surprised Alex with another proposal. Overlooking our soon-to-be alma mater and the city where we fell in love, I asked Alex to marry me with a watch.”

4. Double Proposal

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“As I stood up, I pulled another ring out of my pocket and told her that if she wanted to marry me, she was going to have to get down on one knee and ask me to (we had discussed me wearing an engagement ring as well and that was another part of her surprise). Laughing through her tears, Megan took my ring and got down on one knee in her beautiful dress. While I held her bouquet, I gave her a gleeful ‘Yes!’.”

5. Nidhi’s Watch Proposal

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“I called my fiancé Karan to my favorite restaurant. I planned a special birthday lunch/proposal for him. He was shocked to see the entire setup. He walked in, I was standing there waiting for him. I went down on one knee and poured my heart out and proposed to him with a watch.”

Tips for Proposing to Your Boyfriend

1. Don’t propose because you want it and he won’t.

This one probably goes without saying, but your motivation for proposing to your boyfriend shouldn’t be to force him into something he’s not ready for. If you’ve talked about marriage and it’s clear you’re both on board—then proposing as a female can be an exciting, exhilarating, and modern way to kick traditional gender roles to the curb and catch him completely off guard. But, if he’s a little more uncertain when it comes to tying the knot, proposing doesn’t just catch him off guard—it puts him in a terrible position and lays a shaky (at best) foundation for your “forever” together. Remember, the surprise should be a good one.

2. You don’t have to propose with a ring.

Traditionally, men don’t receive an engagement ring—so don’t feel forced to propose with one. Watches are a super popular option for a female-forward proposal.

3. You can amp-up the surprise even more with an untraditional proposal gift.

If a ring doesn’t quite make sense and a watch just isn’t doing it for you, there are plenty of ways to propose without a ring (say what?). From a poem to a puppy, proposing with something untraditional is a great way to amp up the element of surprise and, ultimately, create an even more exciting and unforgettable moment for you two to share forever.

4. Hire Someone to Capture The Moment

You’ll want to remember your partner’s reaction when you pop the question. So consider hiring an photographer to be present at the scene. Flytographer make it easy to find a professional wherever you are. (Bonus: our users get 20 percent off with code: HTA20OFF).

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