Priscilla and Jade

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How We Met

I met Priscilla at the shipyard in which we both worked. We were both running late and happened to park beside each other. I greeted her and said,”good morning” and she looked at me like I was a crazy woman and walked away lol. She’s says she didn’t hear me. We ended up seeing each other again and getting to know each other and we hit it off and became inseparable.

How They Asked

I currently live in Bahrain for work and Priscilla lives in Virginia. I got to come home for a week to visit. I told her we were going on a date and that we needed to look nice. I got my friend to hand pick a dress,shoes, and clutch for the occasion and I surprised her with them. I picked her up and told her I needed to stop in the mall to get the tickets for the event we were attending but I was really meeting with the videographer so he could sneak me a microphone and recorder to secretly wear as he followed us around and recorded. I came back to the car trying to appear flustered as I told Priscilla that the event got cancelled. I told her I had already arranged for us to have transportation to and from the event so we could still take advantage of it to a different location and she was up to it. I had a horse and carriage waiting for us at the other end of the mall.

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We rode it around Virginia Beach Town Center and Priscilla mentioned that she wanted to eat at PF Changs which is her favorite place.

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That was perfect since I had already made reservations there! We ate and had a good time but she started to get irritated with me texting a lot during dinner. Little did she know, I was coordinating things for the proposal. After dinner, I asked her to take a walk with me in the main area of the town center since they usually have singers and entertainers outside. I had a singer outside singing “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. It caught her attention so she wanted to watch. I had our family and friends waiting in the outdoor area of another restaurant waiting for their cue to come out. My daughter is 3 years old and she came out a little earlier than planned and Priscilla noticed her. At this point, she knew something was going on so everyone came out and I got on my knee and proposed.

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She said yes, and we celebrated. While we were out, our friends spent time preparing a room I got at the Westin with candles and roses for a final surprise.

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Everything went just as planned!

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