Peyton and Whitney

how we met

My sister and her were best friends. It was their first week of being college freshmen. My sister had asked if I would pick Peyton up along with their other friend.

So we picked them up and I remember staring at Peyton and catching her look at me. I thought she had the prettiest eyes. We became close friends shortly after meeting and then came out to each other. I used every excuse just to hang out with her. April of 2018, I asked her to be my girlfriend.


how they asked

Whitney: I wanted to propose on vacation and I knew that she would’ve wanted the moment to be captured. So, I mentioned wanting to get pictures made on vacation because I knew if it worked out, it would be perfect. She was all for it.

Getting that moment captured was definitely worth it.

Peyton: The idea behind the proposal for me, I originally had planned on proposing during our vacation. Thought about doing a dinner cruise proposal; however, Whitney was so set on getting our pictures made and I thought that would be the perfect moment so it could be captured!

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