Paola and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met in college in January 2011 when I moved across the hall from her (after some bad roommate experience) in Flagstaff, AZ. Jordan was the all-around friend who you could usually find having nerf gun wars or kneeboarding down some hills in the middle of the night with a bunch of people from our hall. Jord and I became pretty close as I did everything in my power to be her friend. Something drew me to her. I wanted to go on adventures with her, I wanted to stay up all night with her (she had insomnia) and watch movies with her, but mostly – I just wanted to get to know her. Little did I know – after I rudely corrected her on how to pronounce my name (PAH-O-LA not PAULA) – she had the same draw to me.

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At the time, neither of us was out to even ourselves. During this time I was dating my on and off again high school boyfriend and Jord was ignoring boys who had the hots for her. After several nights of me crying to her about boys, Jord and I were pretty much inseparable for the next coming years.

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Jordan started questioning her sexuality when both of our families continued to (jokingly) ask if we were secretly dating. After long conversations with one of our college friends about feelings she thought she had for me, she began online dating with the search ON for women. It took the ending of a toxic six-year-long relationship for her to admit to herself that she wasn’t happy and confessed her feelings for me! Don’t worry, it was months after the relationship had ended.

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I, on the other hand, took a lot longer to come to terms with my sexuality. I mostly denied it through high school and college. So when Jord told me how she felt, I swept it under the rug in fear of it ruining our friendship. I know, so rude of me. It took four months for her to kiss me..and I finally kissed her back.

How They Asked

We wanted to start making it a tradition to spend our anniversary in Flagstaff, as it holds a special place in our hearts. This year, pandemic and all was no different.

The morning started off (to me) amazing. We slept in, made ourselves a mimosa brunch, we went on a TikTok Target adventure -it was just a chill day to me as you know, pandemic. To Jord, it was anything but chill. I later found out how much anxiety she truly had. Jord and I very much go with the flow people. And in true Jord fashion, nothing was planned on the how-to. She finally suggested that day that we have a car sunset picnic, which I was so down for.

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After finding a good view spot along Lake Mary Rd, we nestled into our snacks. Jord mentioned that she bought me a surprise and that I had to put my snacks away and stop trying to capture the pretty pink sunset on time lapse in order to receive said surprise. I was a little bitter about putting the snacks away, but I obliged. As I closed my eyes and waited for what felt like ages..she finally told me I could open my eyes. I stared EVERYWHERE else but at her.

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I looked out at the sunset, I looked down at the ground, I even looked up at the roof of the car!! Finally, after saying my full name to get my attention, I looked over and saw the beautiful ring she had custom made for me. I could see the tears forming in her eyes and my jaw dropped. I could not believe that this was finally happening. FINALLY.

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In her anxiety state all Jord could make out was “will you marry me”. In my anxiety state, all I could make out was “is this a joke?” After two silent minutes of not breathing she finally forced the ring on my finger (since I was still frozen in place), I gasped for air and repeatedly said “yes, yes, yes, yes.”

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Little did I know that I was about to be proposed to in 5 looong minutes.

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