Paige and Ashley

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How We Met

I knew Ashley would be the one I would spend the rest of my life with from the moment we met. We initially met on a dating website and immediately we deleted our profiles. There was no one else who had caught our eyes like each other had. We talked nonstop for a week. She asked me on our first date to a resort/beach. Of course I said yes! We could have stayed on the beach talking all night if we could. And of course we ended the night with a kiss and a promise to each other again soon.

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How They Asked

4 years after our first date I took her back to the exact spot on that beach. Little did she know I had both of our families hiding behind a rock. As we took pictures the family snuck out from behind the rock and photo bombed. As we looked at the picture on the camera to make sure we liked it, she saw everyone behind her. She was so shocked and finally at that moment she knew what was happening. With tears streaming down her face, she said yes! We popped some champagne to celebrate and now onto planning!

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Special Thanks

Colin Kidwell
 | Photographer