Noelle and Sable

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Wagner's Cove, Central Park, NYC

How We Met

Sable and I met in Chicago at a philosophy seminar one summer years ago and were instant friends. We basically lived on opposite sides of the country (her in NYC and me in Texas) so we didn’t expect our relationship to ever be more than that. We saw each other at events and kept in touch, but one summer things changed. When we realized how special what we had was, she moved to Texas to be with me and the rest is history!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Wagner's Cove, Central Park, NYC

How They Asked

After having an amazing day in the city seeing Hamilton and exploring, we were moseying around Central Park en route to a “dinner reservation” when we happened upon a park poet.

With his sign beckoning us to “ask him for a poem,” I was reluctant because I thought we were going to be late for a dinner reservation, but Sable was so enthusiastic about it we walked up to him and put in our request. Sable asked him for a love poem, one about new beginnings, and I joked because we’ve been dating for four years.

He whipped one up and we read it, I reminded her to tip him (which she had planned for), and we began to walk off. As we turned around to make our way back to the path, he called my name and said “someone had stopped by earlier and had something for me.” I was totally caught off guard, clueless, and thought he was being playful. He handed me another poem, one that I instantly realized had been written by Sable. As I got to the final lines of the last stanza, “a prelude to a question, in my heart long overdue, and one I’ve longed to ask you,” I looked beyond the page and Sable was down on one knee and a photographer popped out from behind a tree!

I was overwhelmed by the grand gesture and the whimsical nature of the entire experience. It was the cutest and sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me and I was so impressed by all of the moving factors and way it was planned and played out.

Noelle and Sable's Engagement in Wagner's Cove, Central Park, NYC

Special Thanks

"The Park Poet" Peter Chinman
 | Coordinated to help facilitate the surprise. Wrote us a poem, wrote Sable's poem out, and was just all around delightful.
Amanda Petersen
 | Photographer