Noel and Vanessa

Image 1 of Noel and Vanessa

How We Met

It’s a funny story actually, we are a Tinder success story! However, that aspect of our story is just the beginning! We went to rival high schools growing up… our family homes are within a few miles apart! Noel went to Northern Arizona University and Vanessa went to the University of Arizona. After connecting on Tinder, messaging turned into texting, which led to meeting up in Old Town Scottsdale at Bottled Blonde on a Saturday Night. Noel was pretty familiar with the bar scene, Vanessa was walking into Old Town for the first time to meet Noel. After finding her, seeing the state she was in, Vanessa offered to drive Noel and her friends home.

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The next day, Vanessa left Noel’s apartment and Noel thought she would never see Vanessa again. By mid-morning, they were texting and planning to hang out later that day. After three months of seeing each other (and Vanessa making Noel wait that long after a bad last relationship and break up), Noel planned to ask Vanessa to be her girlfriend by taking her to the casino. Noel pulled $40 out of the ATM and hit big on her last dollar. Good luck came and Noel muscled up the courage to finally ask Vanessa to be her girlfriend! The celebration came with dinner and drinks and stay for the night at the Wild Horse Pass. We’ve been inseparable for over three and a half years since!

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How They Asked

Vanessa got on her very first plane in 2017 at 27 years old. Yes, if you can believe it – it’s true! She’s been a travel bug ever since and we’ve always done something special for her birthday, like Sedona or a trip to California or something. This year, she wanted to check out an NBA game out of state and I said sure! Well, little had she known I had been scheming and planning for months on when the perfect time would be for me to propose to her. I had purchased the ring in October and was waiting for the perfect time. I had originally planned to do so on a cruise we took in November, but it wasn’t the right time. Then after getting her parents blessing, I considered the holidays but there was too much going on.

Image 3 of Noel and Vanessa

The first day of our trip was incredible as it was Vanessa’s birthday. We had so much fun with the game, checking into our wonderful hotel in downtown Denver and it finally came the day I was going to ask her to be mine forever. While she was getting ready, I slid the ring box into my peacoat for the day. We had brunch plans with friends in the morning but wanted to do many sightseeing the remainder of the day; no definite plans. We decided on checking out Denver Union Station, per many friends’ recommendations. As we were walking up, a feeling came over me and I knew I could ask her right then and there in the street but I contained my excitement.

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When we went in, we had decided on getting a coffee and sitting to enjoy the view and the beauty of the station. Vanessa mentioned she had to use the restroom and sheer nerves came over me – this was happening.

Image 5 of Noel and Vanessa

I look around to scan the best backdrop and see a flower stand. Perfect, I can purchase a rose and speak with one of the cashiers for a photo/video. Sure enough, they were romantics like me and were more than excited to take part in this experience. Vanessa starts coming back and I grabbed her and brought her to the spot I had spotted out. She seemed clueless, but I grab her hand and wrap it around my body. I think I started saying something like, if I can spend every morning with a kiss from you then I’ll be the happiest woman in the world or something along those lines. Honestly, I blacked out from the nerves and my hands were trembling. I’m surprised I made out words but next thing I knew she was crying and I was on one knee and she said yes!

Image 7 of Noel and Vanessa

It’s been one month since our engagement and we couldn’t be happier!

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