Nikkie and Melissa

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How We Met

We met through a mutual friend back in 2013 and everything was pretty much instant from then on. Our first date was a late-night stargazing session at the beach, and we ended up staying there all night talking until the sun came up. If you see where this is going…

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We then u-hauled it within a month or so of knowing each other, referring to each other as “roommates.” Little did we know that we were obsessed with each other.

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Our love grew through the years all of the highs and lows, but it really sored through music. We found music that we are both very passionate about, and we’re lucky enough to travel the world exploring this love, making so many amazing memories and friends along the way.

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These experiences have shaped our relationship into what it is today.

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How They Asked

Melissa had a 5-year relationship rule before she would even let me speak of marriage, so I tucked the thought away for quite some time. But once she was ready, it became a waiting game. She was now ready, and I was NOT! After some time of financial struggles, we finally pulled ourselves up and I was on the hunt for a ring. I struggle with anxiety and with us being so extremely close, it became pretty obvious to me I was going to have a very hard time pulling off a surprise. We constantly talked about it, and eventually came to the conclusion on a “Mutual Proposal.” We both agreed that we were at a place where we could ask each other together, free of any societal norms, being a non-traditional couple, to begin with.

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Since Pride Month is in June, we knew we wanted to do it that month to support our community and share our love. Every year for New Years Day we go to the beach for sunrise as a tradition of our first date, so the place couldn’t be more perfect. We planned for a sunrise picnic on the beach. The morning of our engagement, we woke up much earlier than we normally would and set ourselves up for a little picnic on the beach. Mel and I both exchanged words that we had prepared earlier for each other and then exchanged rings. And now begins our forever journey…

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