Nikki and Tiffany

how we met

We met in December 2014 at the “Battle of the Bay” 49er vs Raider game in Oakland, CA. I was going to tailgate with my friends and we ended up being in the same van. I just remember seeing her and telling my friend “wow, she’s so sexy, I’m going to talk to her.” I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her for the rest of the day. Her smile, her dimple, her energy. I just wanted to get to know her. We partied hard and honestly the whole day was a blur because we starting tailgating at 9am. The next day I had photos of the whole group having fun and I knew I wanted to send them to Tiff, so I got her number from a friend and sent them to her. We started texting and met up the next weekend and haven’t left each other since.

how they asked

I proposed the day before our 4th anniversary in Windsor, California at the town Christmas tree lighting. It was somewhat planned… in the sense that I wanted our families to be present. After that; one knee, one ring and a couple bottles of champagne. Nikki totally knew something was awry when cars full of people were coming with us to a small town Christmas tree lighting and because she can read my thoughts, seriously she can. I also may have been acting super awkward and nervous. We both don’t remember what was said in that very moment, all we knew was we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Special Thanks