Nikki and Lindsey

Image 2 of Nikki and Lindsey

How We Met

Lindsey and I met at work…. although, it was not love at first sight. At least not for both of us. Lindsey was instantly attracted/intrigued by me. She, to this day, loves to tell her side of the story- of how she loved me before I even knew it. We instantly bonded at work and not only enjoyed working alongside one another but hanging out in social settings. One of our favorite things to do was paddle boarding with friends. On one of our paddleboarding adventures, I decided to bring my phone so we could capture pictures of the day. Lindsey insisted that I attach my waterproof phone case to the life jacket so that it wouldn’t fall off but of course, I didn’t listen.

Image 1 of Nikki and Lindsey

One of our favorite things to do while paddleboarding was to play a game called “who can knock who off their board without falling in.” While playing this game, Lindsey successfully tackled me into the water. However, my paddleboard toppled over, and down went my phone, ID, debit card, everything. After the initial shock, panic, and subtle anger that ensued, Lindsey and I continued on to one of the best/worst days ever. She felt horrible and insisted on tagging along with me to do all of the things one has to do when they lose all of their daily essential things.

We spent the next few hours getting my new phone, debit card, and ID all ordered. Naturally, we decided to go to Happy Hour because what else do you do after one of the longest best/worst days ever. We ended up spending the entire afternoon and evening together, laughing and replaying the day’s moments. On our way back to my apartment, Lindsey boldly made a move and kissed me for the first time. I had no idea what was happening but naturally, I kissed her back. Our relationship didn’t exactly take off from that moment but it was definitely the catalyst to our now everlasting love. A day that we will both never forget.

Image 3 of Nikki and Lindsey

How They Asked

Proposing during a pandemic is no easy task! When asking Lindsey to marry me, I had envisioned several different scenarios and was able to bring one of them to life. For months prior to asking, I began to compile a video that showcased our relationship thus far, including adventures and some of our favorite memories from the past two years. Alongside our compilation of memories, I inserted some of the most meaningful songs for both of us. After asking for her parents’ approval to marry their daughter, I got with Lindsey’s family and set up a family BBQ. Something that we had done regularly with her immediate family since the beginning of the pandemic so it was not out of the ordinary for us to be having another one. Along with the BBQ, her sister casually mentioned that we all should “dress to impress” and take family photos since we had not taken any in a while. So, as far as Lindsey knew, we were simply going over for a family BBQ and to take some casual family photos. The day came and Lindsey’s son, Dylan, and I got dressed to impress! Lindsey got home from work and was in awe of how nice we both looked.

Image 6 of Nikki and Lindsey

Eager and excited, she got changed and we all headed off to the family BBQ. Unknown to Lindsey, I had already arranged and set up the video that I made for her and was planning on playing it shortly after we arrived. Once we were there, everyone gathered outside near the outdoor patio/lounge area with a drink in hand. I announced that there was something that I wanted to show everyone and Lindsey’s son, Dylan, started the video. As soon as it started to play I was certain that she was going to know what was going on but to my surprise…. she had no idea!

Image 4 of Nikki and Lindsey

Towards the end of the 20-minute video, I had some of our closest friends and my family who could not attend send a quick note about their favorite memories of us and so on. At the end of the video, up on the screen it said “Lindsey, Will You Marry Me?” and as soon as she read that and turned to me, I was down on one knee and proposing! Her family was able to capture some great photos of the moment. After she said “Yes!” we were then BOTH surprised with an immaculate “proposal dinner” set-up that her family had coordinated for us. It was the best day of both of our lives!

Image 5 of Nikki and Lindsey