Nellie and Stefani

How We Met

The digital flame! Nellie and Stefani met on Tinder and after sitting in each other’s queue for a month, Stefani could no longer ignore the girl with the picture at The Big House (Michigan’s football stadium). Being a fan of college football was the first of many things they realized they had in common. After Stefani messaged Nellie, the two clicked and met up in person shortly thereafter.

How They Asked

Once the two began talking about marriage, it was clear that Stefani wanted Nellie to propose. Stefani had always imaged the romantic moment when the person she was with surprised her. And dropped to a knee and presenting a ring.

In the lead up to Nellie’s proposal, she found an amazing jeweler online, Doozie Jewelers, who happened to be based in Denver. Nellie sent Stefani the website and Stefani shared the rings that she liked the most. While they initially planned to go meet the jeweler together, Nellie had the information she needed and decided to surprise Stefani with a custom ring. Since Nellie didn’t want to be left out of the fun of having a custom engagement ring from Doozie, she decided to design both in tandem. Over a few months early in 2018, she worked with Susan to design both rings, who did an absolutely amazing job!

Nellie and Stefani love to hike and fish and so once she had the rings, Nellie decided to propose on their favorite hike at a beautiful alpine lake. Nellie packed away the rings and the two set off on their five-mile hike to Lost Lake on the Continental Divide Trail with the dog, Hutch, alongside.

Once they reached the lake, Nellie’s nerves finally took hold and she quickly got Stefani’s ring out and pulled her towards the lake. She told her how much she loved her and loved living life with her and wanted the rest of her days to be spent by Stefani’s side at which point she dropped on her knee and asked Stefani to marry her. Stefani gave an emphatic yes without even looking at the ring and the two were cheered on by a couple camping at the lake.

Nellie brought a picnic and the two spent the next couple hours with smiles ear to ear, eating a picnic, fly fishing for trout, taking a few pictures and immediately face timing Stefani’s twin, Michelle. From there the two hiked down and went to spend the night celebrating in Vail where they had an amazing meal at the restaurant White Buffalo sitting right along the creek that runs through town. By then the two had shared the news with their families and were met with loads of excitement.

To top off celebrations, the next day they met up with a number of friends and went rafting on the Colorado River. Their friends brought a bottle of champagne and it was the perfect end to the perfect weekend as Stef and Nellie started the next chapter, appropriately, romping around the Rockies.

Special Thanks

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