Natasha and Sarah

How We Met

We actually met through Tinder, back in 2015. We had both swiped right and I sent Sarah a message. I didn’t get a reply, however, her tinder bio said she didn’t use tinder to much so to add her on Facebook, so that’s exactly what I did and then sent her a message through there.

She replied on Facebook and we started to talk a lot on there and from that moment I knew she was ‘the one’

Sarah was living in Swansea and I was in Barry, so roughly an hour away from eachother.

On a night out with friends I finally got the courage to ask for her number. Even though I was out with friends I couldn’t help but message her. We are both big Harry Potter fans and the way I asked for her number was by using my ‘house points’ once numbers were exchanged we text constantly and whenever my phone went off I got butterflies, whenever her name popped up on my phone.

Sarah was just finishing university so was super busy and told me that date would have to wait until she was done with uni. Luckily she didn’t make me wait and she did squeeze me in and so we went on our 1st date on 6th May 2015. We met in Cardiff and went to play mini-golf and went for some drinks. Sarah was meeting friends that evening and told me she would have to leave by a certain time, however, she left about 2 or 3 hours late.

After the first date, we continued to squeeze in dates with us taking it in turns to go to each other’s towns.

We finally became an official couple on 27th May 2015. We had gone back to the place of our first date for drinks and I asked in the club, with some help of 2 drunk girls.

How They Asked

Sarah moved to Barry a few years into our relationship but was still working in Swansea. Sarah didn’t drive at the time so when I could I would drive her back and forth to work. As a Thankyou, Sarah told me she had planned a day out for us, full of surprises and I had no idea what we were doing.

The first surprise was a helicopter ride, which is something I’d always wanted to do, this was in Newport, Wales and I was so shocked when we arrived. We had an amazing time even though everyone saw my pants as we got out of the helicopter (those propellers are GUSTY and blew my dress up…just call me Marilyn) after that Sarah told me there was another surprise and we headed to Cardiff Bay, it was a lovely day and we wandered around and Sarah told me we would be going on a private boat trip around the bay. As we were waiting for the boat we were going on had a stall and mentions hiring it out for special occasions such as proposals and I made a joke about how Sarah was going to propose…I literally was only joking and had zero idea of what was about to happen.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cardiff Bay, Wales AND Safari South Africa

As we were coming back into the dock (not where we originally left from) Sarah pointed out lots of stormtroopers standing along the dock I turned around and looked and was like wow that’s amazing!! As I turned back around Sarah was on bended knee and asked me to marry her. I burst into tears and of course, said YES! Sarah then told me to look at the Stormtroopers again and told me they were all our family and friends, she had been planning this for MONTHS and they were all in on it. I shouted to tell them I said yes and there was a lot of cheers. Sarah also pointed out they were holding a banner that read ‘I love you, Tasha. Will you marry me?’

Sarah had then booked for us and all our family and friends to go for some food and drinks……but that wasn’t all as after that Sarah told me I had one more surprise left. It was a night away in the Vale Hotel which included the use of the spa and a massage with a delicious breakfast the next day.

Sarah had proposed in July, but I had been planning on proposing an upcoming trip to South Africa in October. I thought I was going to get the proposal in first and even though I hadn’t I still wanted to do as intended and propose to her. I did this whilst staying on a safari. Under a beautiful sunset, with giraffes and elephants in the distance, I got down on one knee.

Even though we were already engaged I was still so nervous.

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