Natalie and Nicole

How We Met

We met in a cliché way, we met at a bar. Both of our best friends dragged us out 4 years ago on a Friday night. When my best friend Kevin and I entered the bar, Nicole noticed me but figured that Kevin was my date. Shortly afterwards the four of us were sitting at the bar and Viri, Nicole’s best friend recognized me and we started talking. Nicole and I started flirting with one another. Before we left that night, I gave her my number because she mentioned she had some concert tickets that she couldn’t use. Honestly, I was more interested in her than the concert tickets. After some flirtatious texting, the next day. She invited me down to the Kemah boardwalk and we hung out Sunday afternoon. We even experienced our first kiss in an elevator, which to this day is something we do every time we get in an elevator. We went on our first date a week later, where she took me to Brewery style restaurant and the drive-in movies (where unfortunately I fell asleep in her arms during the movie) something we still laugh about to this day.

How They Asked

Fast forward to our engagement four years later. We all got together at an uncle and aunt’s home to celebrate her late grandmother’s birthday. The theme of the party was FIESTA, the ladies wore Mexican dresses and the men and Nicole wore the traditional Guayabera shirts. The backyard was decorated with paper flowers everywhere there was even a flower wall that our friends and cousins made as a backdrop for pictures. Little did I know that wasn’t the only celebration going on. Our friends came out to join us and a few other friends and family members were hiding out in the house waiting to witness the surprise engagement. Along with the fiesta theme we had a pinata. When it came my turn to hit the pinata I was kind of forced into it because I honestly did not want to do it. But I decided to be a good sport and participated. Once I was done getting in my three very aggressive hits to the piñata but not breaking it. They removed my blind fold and there was Nicole on bent knee.

She caught me completely off guard I was completely surprised and it was written all over my face. I still cry like a baby when I watch the video. A few weeks later I took her out to the same brewery style restaurant where unbeknownst to the hostess she sat us at the same table we sat at on our first date, what are the odds right?

I gave her ring to the waiter and asked him to bring it out to her with her drink. When he bought our drinks, she notices the ring on the garnish of her drink. I had it engraved to say “Ella dijo si” which is Spanish for she said yes. She wasn’t the only one that can pull of a surprise engagement. She made me the happiest girl that day by proposing and I cannot wait to be her wife.

Special Thanks

Lisa Rios
 | Photographer