Naomi and Jose

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How We Met

José and I met at a coffee shop in our home town, he worked there over the summer while studying to become an officer. I met him with my family and basically continued going for the rest of the summer. We became really great friends and shortly after began dating!! We dated for over 2 years and then he popped the question!!

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How They Asked

I had been dying to go to an elephant sanctuary for over a year. Eventually, Jose brought up the idea of going for my birthday. I didn’t think anything of it just thought It was an awesome idea. We saw elephants, played with them & even bathed them. Right at the end of the encounter, we took a picture with the elephant.

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Out of nowhere, the elephant hand me a birthday bag with his trunk, and inside was a card that said “Will you Marry Me?” and as I put the card down Jose was on one knee with the most beautiful ring… and of course I say YES!! About 2 months after I decided to surprise Jose with his dream ring in our engagement pictures and he also said yes !! :)

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