Mykaela and Celina

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How We Met

Celina and I met on MySpace when we were little kids about to go into high school. We continued to talk all throughout our high school years, but never had the opportunity to meet. Instead, we spent those four years getting to know each other inside and out. After we graduated, we were finally able to meet. It was late at night and I picked her up across the street from her house, and from there we went to mine. The night ended so quick, and before we knew it, it was 7am. Our conversations flowed so easy, we had so many laughs, and shared our first kiss on that very night. Things were never easy with Celina and I. Our families were very difficult when it came to us being together, and we fought through the many battles of being a same sex couple, but through it all, that first night serves as an amazing memory of what brought us together. No boundaries, no judgements, and no battles. The world was sleeping and it was just us, being us ❤️

How They Asked

My grandparents live in Hawaii, so it’s tradition that I go every year to visit them. Each year, I would tell Celina about all of the amazing places we got to visit and how I hoped for the day I would be able to take her with me since she had never been to the islands. The day finally came and I was just as excited as I thought I would be. Marriage was a heavy topic right before then. Celina and I had always talked about it, but once we started living on our own, the conversations about marriage became more realistic. I, myself, am a hopeless romantic who wanted to find my soulmate and settle down at a young age, and Celina felt the same way. We have such a deep emotional connection and just knew we were meant to be, so marriage was a fairly easy conversation.

There were only a few days left of our vacation and all of the crazy tourist activities were coming to an end. We had a relaxation day when Celina asked if my uncle, a photographer, would be able to take pictures for us. She explained that it would be the perfect way to remember our first Hawaii vacation, and I easily agreed! We decided we would take pictures at the harbor down the street from my grandma’s house. The harbor is full of memories from each year, and my late aunt’s ashes were spread throughout the ocean there. There were so many special moments where we placed flowers in the water for her, and cherished our moments together while having our pictures taken.

It was then when Celina asked my uncle if we could climb on some rocks and take a silhouette picture. She told him the exact way she wanted the picture to look and my uncle went knee deep in the water to take this perfect shot. As soon as we were positioned, I looked at Celina, and it was then that she gave me the most beautiful smile, while getting on one knee and asking me to marry her. My uncle, although unaware of the proposal, took the perfect shot and the love that filled my heart that day will never be understood ❤️

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