Morgan and Dania

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How We Met

I used to think Naples, Florida was pretty big when I first moved here in 2005. As I grew older and obtained my drivers license and made my way out into the city, recognizing a lot of peers and friends, I soon realized it wasn’t as big as I had thought. Dania and I went to the same high school and graduated the same year, but had never met. She heard my name on the morning announcements occasionally for swimming records. Although she claims everyone she knew had knew me, Dania and I never crossed paths.

The first time I saw Dania, I was sitting in my friends living room, who was dating her at the time. A mutual (first) ex girlfriend, as a matter of fact. Hanging out, watching tv, Dania walks through the door and instantly starts speaking, quite loudly, about her day at work. This lit me up because I, myself, am a fairly quiet person. I thrive off people who can fill a room and tell amazing stories. Thats exactly who my fiance turned out to be! At first, I wasn’t allowed to like her. She was in a relationship with one of my friends. They had been dating for two years. We all hung out as friends for a while until one night she got my number to make sure I got home safely after a party.

After a few months on the rocks with her partner, they had split up. And after a few flirtatious texts back and fourth, we hung out, just me and her, as i invited her to my friends house. We had such great chemistry. We won at beer pong our first time playing together. And it was just as amazing time being with her.

Dania had always been the romantic type. She asked me to be her girlfriend May 14th 2011 after work as we walked along the beach. It had made me so incredibly happy to be hers!

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How They Asked

Oh, this story will forever replay in my head. Where to even begin!!

Dania, my queen, had to deal with me asking tons of questions and being way too observant for her liking. On a vacation to Colorado celebrating our 5 year anniversary, she had planned this incredible breakfast for us overlooking the beauty of Evergreen, CO and a freshly prepared breakfast of choice by our chef hostess. She gifted me with a beautiful penguin necklace and had created a poster board full of pictures and quotes. It was immaculate !! More than I could ever ask for or expect.

We went about our vacation and ended up missing our flight home. In retrospect, Dania was ultimately much more upset than she would let up. When we finally did get back to Ft Myers Airport, 6 hours later than expected, this is where it all happened. The moment that would change our lives forever!

Dania distracted me with my mother as 15 of our closest friends and family stood behind us with large boards reading the words “Morgan Victoria Will You Be My Mrs Tome?” What first got my attention was the music! Beautifully performed by our best friends Samantha on the guitar and Jorge on the vocals to the song Everything by Michael Buble. A song which Dania dedicated to me throughout our relationship. It was like something out of a movie! I instantly started crying as I looked back at her and she was on her knee with one of the most beautiful piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen!!

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I am so thankful this was all captured on video and professional photography. Its a memory I will never forget and always want to remember!

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