Monica and Rachel

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How We Met

Rachel and I met through a dating site. Never thought I would have met the woman of my dreams, that literally lived less than 10 minutes away from me most of our lives, on a site. I liked her picture and she had sent me a message before she got the notification of me liking her picture! We started texting at first and then finally met for the first time at my work. We shared our first date at Lazy Dog restaurant where she brought her dog (now our dog) with us (its a restaurant that allows dogs and even have a menu for them!).

How They Asked

To me, it was perfect. Nothing extravagant. Nothing crazy. Simply having dinner at my parents house when she (Rachel) asked me, how would I feel if she said let’s go to Vegas and get married. At that moment, I cried and said I would love too! We did ask for our parent’s permission, which of course received, and we went to Vegas two weeks later and we’re married.

I came out a few years back. My dad, wasn’t supportive. It was really hard. But in time, my dad changed. Not only does he accept me, but my wife as well and have us his blessing.

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