Mika and Cara

Where to Propose in Our home

How They Asked

Cara took one look at my dream ring and said ok! I never imagined almost 2 years later I’d be designing the ring of my dreams. With the help of Erin at J. Bacher Fine Jewelry in Harrisburg, IL my ring was purchased, designed, and brought to life in less than 3 weeks. Cara planned to wait to propose, but the day the ring came in she was too excited and set everything up. In the comfort and privacy of Our home, I walked into our living room to find photos of us hanging from balloons, candles, and a light to our back patio.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our home

Outside, I see a path of candles leading to Cara down on one knee. On either side of her are red roses. She’s surrounded by twinkling lights and a ring box. I answered a question I’ve known the answer to for a while now. My best friend asked me what I was doing for the rest of my life. We decided on forever together. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful ring, (literally, because we designed it) a better proposal, or imagine saying yes to anyone else but the woman who asked me to marry her. The following month I rented a private cabin and came up with a personal and intimate proposal, as well.