Meredith and Cambria

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris

How We Met

Like many millennial couples of 2018, we met on Tinder. Her profile was unique and she stood out as someone I wanted to buy a drink and hear her stories. Our first date was a Thursday evening at a local bar. We closed the place down without a concept of how much time had passed. I knew after that night she was someone I wanted to be a part of my life. Our second date on the softball fields, I met her group of friends. A group who has taken me in like I’ve always been a part of them. Over the last two years, we’ve moved in together, adopted a dog, and watched our love grow through our adventures.

How They Asked

We had been planning a Europe trip with her family since the early stages of our relationship. She has a love for Paris and I knew that getting down on a knee of her under the Eiffel Tower at night would be her fairytale dream come true. With her parents’ blessing and some planning with her brother, I made that dream happen. We climbed the tower for sunset, and after dark, we were all gathered in the park for the 11 pm light show. At 10:36 pm, I asked her brother to take a picture of us, and at that moment I dropped to my knee and instantly was at a loss for words.

Meredith and Cambria's Engagement in Paris

The happiness in her eyes as she comprehended what was happening left me speechless, and it took a second try to get the words out. We sat in the dirt in the glow of the light from the tower laughing crying, and holding each other tight. She finally found her words, said yes, and I placed the ring on her finger. It was the most perfect moment of my life.

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