Melissa and Libby

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Bella Cavalli Events

How We Met

We met at the gym in 2018. We went to different classes at different times but would run into each other from time to time. We also interacted with one another on our gyms social media motivation and accountability page. I had no idea that she “liked” me…like the ZERO idea. It wasn’t until months later that she would tell me how she felt and my world changed. Our connection, in every way, is simply the next level. She moved mountains to get to me and I’ll forever be humbled by how deeply she loves me. We knew early on once we were together that getting married was on the horizon for us.

How They Asked

Because of COVID-19, our “original” plan to get engaged was squashed. We both learned that we BOTH had the SAME plan for the SAME day! What are the chances!!!?? Instead, Libby asked me on a quarantine date in our whiskey room at home. We got dressed up, made amazing charcuterie board, drank wine and danced in the hallway to Michael Buble (the concert we were supposed to be at that night). When I came back into the room with a knife to cut the cake, Libby was down on one knee! I didn’t say “yes”..I said “Absolutely!”

I couldn’t believe she beat me to it! I arranged a surprise engagement for her. I had a carriage house decorated with our signature “Always Always” letters and set up an “engagement photoshoot”. I had it all scripted with the photographer. I tricked her into writing “a word that symbolizes our relationship” on the chalkboard” while mine read “will you marry me?”

Melissa and Libby's Engagement in Bella Cavalli Events