Melissa and Alyse

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How We Met

It’s a funny story actually. A friend of ours had shown me a picture of Alyse one night as she was unable to make the drinks we were at. She showed me one photo and I said very abruptly “I will wife her one day” and we all had a laugh.

We met a few days later out in Newtown one night and she couldn’t care less about me initially as she strutted in and said hello to everyone. Our next meeting however was very different. We were at a party dancing away when I picked her up and spun her around as a part of a very well executed dance move. It was during that moment we almost kissed out of nowhere and the rest is history. We spoke on the phone that night until 6 am laughing and carrying on and it wasn’t long until we officially started dating 5 June 2014.

How They Asked

On 28 March after almost 6 years Melissa asked me to marry her! She caught me completely by surprise! This Covid-19 had put a few spanners in her plans and had to change 4 times (poor thing).

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At around 4 pm Saturday she went on a “run” which I later found out was actually to let My Proposal Co into our basement and to set up the amazing proposal on the rooftop of our unit with me downstairs in my PJs watching Greys Anatomy completely oblivious to what was happening just 3 levels up. She messaged me and said she had a great idea for us to have a bit of a laugh. She said get dressed up and we will have a date night “corona style”.

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So I went with it and to my surprise, it leads me to the proposal. We had an amazing photographer to capture the whole moment, even the moment where we put the ring on my right hand for the first 20 minutes.

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Special Thanks

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