Melanie and Alizée

how we met

We met at work. We sat very close to each other but never had a reason to interact. Thankfully we both participated in a company weekend retreat and it gave us a chance to talk for the first time and we really hit it off.

how they asked

I started planning the proposal a few months in advance because I knew I wanted it to be big! I wanted it to be special for both of us. I thought about many different scenarios, places we could go etc but everything fell into place when it came to my idea of proposing at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, while ice skating on an outdoor rink in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal and having them play one of my favorite Backstreet Boys songs. Oh, and there were fireworks! It was a huge surprise for her. She initially thought I was just giving her a gift that came in a small box. Which I was, but it was not what she expected. She had no idea I had been planning it or that I had asked her parents first.

Special Thanks

Kerstin Hahn Photography
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Montreal - Old Port
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