Megan and Tori

How We Met

Megan – During my third year of undergrad at UBC, my friend Caitlin convinced me to join a rec team – for a relay which involved running, swimming, cycling, and hauling the whole team over a 12-foot wall at the end! We were one person short, and really needed someone who could swim. We were in luck; Caitlin’s new roommate was a former competitive swimmer. I didn’t think much more of it until we met up as a team to practice the “wall” portion of the race. I knew as soon as I saw Tori that I was in trouble. This girl was gorgeous, and I was immediately smitten. After a lot of bumbling and awkwardness on my part, I managed to introduce myself. A few minutes later we were shoving each other over the 12-foot wall. I couldn’t wait until race day so I could see Tori again.

Tori – After the race was over, our team went to the campus pub to have a drink and share nachos. I distinctly remember that Megan picked off all the jalapenos, which I then ate – clearly, we were meant to be (although she now eats jalapenos because of me). We chatted for a while about what we were studying and our interests, and Megan added me on Facebook shortly after – but not before she accidentally liked one of my posts from the previous year (which was kind of weird). I hadn’t totally clued in that she was interested in me, and it took a lot more chatting and a ‘sort-of’ the first date at Triple O’s for milkshakes on a study break for us to get on the same page. Our first fight was over the superior milkshake flavor – Megan incorrectly thinks it is chocolate, but she is wrong. It’s strawberry.

After exams finished, I took Megan on our first real date, to the Biodiversity Museum and for a walk on the beach. I brought her a rose and the world’s best cinnamon bun (which we plan to have at our wedding as the dessert!). So, Caitlin technically gets the title of ‘matchmaker’, even though she didn’t know either of us were interested in women.

How They Asked

Tori – 5 years into our relationship, I knew I was going to propose to Megan…I just didn’t know how! We’re living on the opposite side of the country from our hometown of Vancouver, and miss it dearly, so I at least knew I wanted to get down on one knee on the West Coast.

When we found out that we would be traveling home for a family wedding, a plan started to come together. The family wedding would be on Vancouver Island, and we had always wanted to take one of the floatplanes from Victoria to Vancouver. I convinced Megan that we should buy tickets for our return trip from the island and she immediately agreed. I then contacted the airline to see if it was possible to do a proposal after we landed in Vancouver Harbour, and they enthusiastically agreed to help me plan.

Over the course of the next year, I did a lot of organizing – I even created a secret second email address to keep all my plans hidden! While in Vancouver for Christmas, I secretly visited a ring designer and asked them to design a ring that was perfect for Megan, using the diamond from my mom’s engagement ring. I also booked the private room in a restaurant in Vancouver Harbour and invited our closest family and friends to celebrate with us after the proposal. This was really special because we don’t get to see everybody when we visit. Finally, I enlisted the help of our friends Lindsay and Ken to organize everybody and to take photos of the proposal on the big day.

Megan – After attending the family wedding in Victoria, we spent a day enjoying the area, including lots of good food and a visit to pet the goats at a local petting zoo. We stayed for over an hour because Tori was enjoying herself so much! We then headed out to meet our seaplane to take us back to Vancouver. We arrived at the terminal early, and were offered a seat on an earlier flight, which I was ready to say yes to! But Tori was adamant about taking the last flight and came up with a number of excuses, including that she wanted to ‘see the sunset’, which wouldn’t be until well after the last flight anyways. In the end, I agreed and didn’t think too much of it. We boarded the floatplane with only one other passenger and took off for Vancouver. The flight was really amazing. I love airplanes and had always wanted to take a floatplane. Tori was a bit quiet on the plane, but she played it off as tiredness and a bit of nervousness about the flight itself.

When we landed, we were planning to have a picture taken in front of the plane. However, I noticed one of the crew was looking at us kind of funny, which I read as him wanting to shoo us off the docks more quickly. I told Tori so, but she insisted that we get a photo, and asked the crew member herself. This is when I knew something was up. Tori never talks to people like that, unless absolutely critical. While we were posing for the photo, Tori told me to close my eyes because she had something for me.

After a quick trip to our discarded luggage, she was handing me a book – Peter Pan. The whole time this was happening, I was thinking that she was very oblivious to the fact that this looked like a proposal, but of course, couldn’t be. I flipped to the marked page to find a beautiful hand-painted photo of Neverland. She told me to flip the page over, and there were the words “Will you marry me?”! I was totally shocked and looked back at Tori to see her on one knee, holding out a gorgeous ring. I stood shocked for a moment, before answering Yes!

Shaking with excitement and surprise, we moved down the dock to find Ken staked out – he had photographed the whole thing! Additionally, the crew member, Joel, was in on everything, and had even captured a video! We took some time to have Ken take engagement photos, before collecting our things to head for dinner. I assumed it was just going to be the two of us, but I was shocked to see a private room filled with all of our closest friends and family! They had even caught a glimpse of the proposal from the restaurant above the harbor. The rest of the night went by in a blur as we celebrated our engagement.

While we had talked about marriage for a long time, Tori had done a very good job of convincing me that we should wait a little longer and that she wasn’t quite ready (meanwhile, she already had the ring!). She managed to keep the proposal a total surprise, I genuinely didn’t suspect a thing! And, she looped in a very large number of family and friends months beforehand, and all of them managed to keep a secret too! It was truly the perfect proposal.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Ken Presnilla
 | Photographer
Harbour Air
 | Use of their docks, coordination and took the engagement video