Megan and Natalie

How We Met

We found each other on a dating website. After exchanging conversations we decided to finally meet. We met at a place called Millers Time Out for drinks. We hit it off and had an amazing conversation. We then watched a movie and every day after that we were together.

How They Asked

I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Natalie shortly after we met! I began my ring search beginning of 2018. I wanted a ring that was unique because she didn’t deserve an ordinary ring. I found, and I knew that’s where I wanted to get my ring from. They took my vision of what I wanted and turned it into a beautiful unique ring! I would recommend using CustomMade for your custom designs! They had the ring done and shipped to my house very quickly! Once I got the ring I began thinking of how I would ask. I decided to go to the very spot where we first met. I parked in the same area I parked that night. I had a friend take photos secretly to capture every moment. I gave her a gift. When she opened it she found a customized book that I had made on all the reasons why I loved her. The very last page revealed my character on their knee asking “will you marry me?” Before she finished reading that page I was down on one knee with the CustomMade ring. She was in shock! I asked her to marry me, and of course, she said YES!!

Special Thanks

Danyelle Jones
 | Photographer