Megan and Maggie

how we met

We first met in Richmond, Virginia through mutual friends. We originally started out as friends. I went off to physical therapy school in New York and Maggie ended up getting a job in Southern Pines that December. We eventually started dating long distance. Each break we would make sure to see each other, no matter if it was just for a night. It was extremely difficult, but we think we are stronger for starting out this way. After school, I ended up moving to North Carolina so we could be together. Now we live in Apex.

how they asked

The proposal happened on August 28th. I had to work late that night. Maggie was waiting outside our door, which wasn’t suspicious at the time. She was wearing my favorite blue shirt. I could hear her heart pounding when she gave me a hug. She opened the door and all the lights were out at the apartment. There were a bunch of tea lights lit with purple and yellow flowers in vases throughout (my favorite colors, go pirates!). She led me inside and sat me down on the couch. She had made me a scrapbook of our favorite memories and pictures together. I was tearing reading through the book. The front cover said, “It’s a love story”, and the back said “baby say yes”. When I finished looking over the scrapbook, she proposed to me. I was so excited and surprised I didn’t even look at the ring. I later couldn’t stop staring at it. We ended up celebrating with late night sushi and trophy wife beer in a new trophy wife t-shirt. Our cat Obi even celebrated with a unicorn/rainbow bow tie. The proposal was perfect timing because we had planned to go to Wrightsville beach the next day after work. Our engagement moon!

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