Megan and Gretchen

How We Met

We first met playing basketball against each other in college. Gretchen told one of my teammates, “Hey, tell Megan I said what’s up.” I got her number and ended up calling her, we talked on the phone all night. That turned into us hanging out on and off for 2 years before we really got together.

How They Asked

Gretchen: It was a lot of planning and a lot of moving pieces, but I wanted it to be fun and totally catch Megan off guard. Our anniversary was on the 18th and we were heading out of town on the 22nd so I thought let’s just add one more thing to the mix and plan this for the 20th. I recruited my friend Shauna and began plotting. I had a ring made a year prior and wanted to redo the design so that was the first thing I did.

Then, Shauna and I planned a fake photo shoot for a magazine including call sheets, interview questions and different looks we were going to potentially use. This thing looked official! It was pure magic – I invited all of our friends to Rosenthal winery across the street as another surprise. The proposal happened via custom bomber jackets and Megan was shocked! It was everything, I remember the photographer asking us to sit on the edge of this cliff and Megan looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “I can’t sit down because I can’t feel my legs.”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Malibu, California

Megan: A couple weeks before the proposal I got this email about being featured in a magazine and how they wanted to do a photoshoot and if we could use one of our photographers. I immediately thought of our very talented friend Nicol and was super hyped up on this. I took the bait, this was all already the plan. No stone was left unturned – call sheets, wardrobe, interview questions – the entire thing was very planned out. We get to Malibu and we just jump right into taking photos. At some point, Shauna was like let’s change jackets, Megan I’m going to have you try this look. She puts this bomber on me, I’m totally clueless to what this jacket even is and didn’t even really notice that Gretch and I were now wearing the same blue bombers. Nicol then says she wants to get a couple solo shots of just me and she had Gretchen stand off to the side. Nicol was money! She had me following her camera in a direction where I couldn’t see Gretchen in my peripheral at all. Finally, she tells me to turn towards Gretchen and just like that my whole world changed. It was a dream, the most epic surprise ever!

Megan's Proposal in Malibu, California

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