Marcia and Rob

Proposal Ideas Mayerhofen, Austria

How We Met

On September 30, 2017, a local brewery was hosting an Oktoberfest celebration. It was a gorgeous Atlanta fall day and there was plenty of beer flowing. Both of us were there with our own friends having a great time. I had a few steins while Rob was the designated driver for his friends. At one point, a girl from Rob’s group of friends started to talk with my group of friends. They were hitting it off and exchanged contact information. Rob and I casually noticed each other, but didn’t interact much. In October, we both ended up at the same pumpkin carving party. I tried to impress Rob with my sweet carving skills by creating a phallic design. The chemistry in the air was undeniable with both of us relishing in our mutually silly sense of humor. The next day I decided to message Rob. Eventually, I invited him over to watch the new season of Stranger Things and he never left!

Throughout the relationship, I was adamant about never getting married. Rob would joke that if I ever changed my mind, I would have to propose. Rob moved in with me once I bought a house for my Mami and Abuela to live with me. I was impressed with his willingness to move and help me while I supported them. After a year of living together, my Abuela passed away in the night. It was devastating for all of us, including Rob. Everyone who knew us, knew how much Abuela loved Rob. After that, I realized that the rest of your life really isn’t that long and who better to spend it with than my giant ginger!

How They Asked

Fate would have it that coming up on our two year anniversary, our friend group planned on going to the real Oktoberfest in Germany! Rob had previously shown me rings that he liked and kept joking at every friend’s wedding about when I would propose. Taking those as awfully big hints, I determined that it was serendipity and time to propose! Throughout the trip to Germany and Austria, I had the ring in my pocket trying to determine when the perfect time would be. Finally one day, we decided to do a day hike in Mayrhofen, Austria with a few of our friends. I told two of them of my plan and we hiked up the mountain. At the top, I cleaned Rob up since the hike had been more strenuous than planned and asked to take a picture. While posing I asked Rob, ” Will you make all your future plans with me?” and he said “Sure?”, not fully understanding what was going. To make things clear, I asked if he wanted me to get down on one knee and he enthusiastically said “Yeah!” He was completely caught by surprise!

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