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How We Met

After graduating from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, Heather launched a website and started selling workout plans and meal plans. Heather’s first client was a friend of mine from Mississippi who she’d played D1 softball against. After completing one of the workouts with my friend, I loved it so much that I messaged Heather on Instagram about getting started on my own program. Heather was over the moon – two clients in the first week of her website launching! I began texting Heather with questions regarding my workouts, and within the week we were texting about our days. Seeing that this could bring conflict to her new business, Heather asked that we stick to a client/coach relationship until my program was over. Since I was enjoying getting to know her, I decided to stop the program and continue talking to her. Two weeks later, Heather drove from Oklahoma where her family was living at the time, to Cleveland, MS with a bag packed for a week to meet me for the first time. The day we met we shared a hug that can only be described as magical. We both felt like we were home. Within the next few weeks, major events happened in both of our lives that pushed us closer together. Heather’s website then evolved into Dande and the Lion, our joined business. We now have clients all over the world that follow our vegan meal plans and workout plans. In the last three years, we have been through both the hardest and the most beautiful seasons of our lives. In 2017, we sold all of our belongings that wouldn’t fit into our car, and we drove across the country to Portland, OR where we now live.

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How They Asked

When we first started dating, we quickly connected over our love for Harry Potter and the fact that, according to Pottermore, we are both Slytherin. On our first dating anniversary, we went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. For our third anniversary, this past August, we went to the Los Angeles location. While we were at Harry Potter World in LA, we started discussing having a Halloween party this year and decided to be Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass, who end up getting married. Little did I know, in February Heather had purchased our favorite book, The Goblet of Fire, and had it designed to spell out “Marry Me” in the pages. She had been holding onto the book and ring not yet knowing when or how she wanted to propose. With the book, our costumes, and an upcoming Halloween party with all of our friends, Heather decided it was time. Within the week of us announcing the party date, Heather had already booked plane tickets for all of my best friends from Mississippi. On the day of the party, she sent me and two of our friends, Jenna and Kerwynn, to Sizzle Pie to pick up the pizza. Instead of Sizzle Pie, I was taken to a Little Free Library where the first Harry Potter book was waiting for me along with my best friend from college, Jordan. I immediately knew what was happening and began crying. At the second Little Free Library, I found the second Harry Potter book, a letter from Heather, and my best friend from high school, Ally. At the third, I found the third book, a letter, and my best friend since first grade, Morgan. They then took me back to our apartment where the party was being held and led me to the roof. Standing in the rain on our rooftop was Heather, holding the fourth book, and smiling beautifully. I said “YES” before she could even ask me. I was literally jumping with joy. She then pulled out a little blue box and dropped down to one knee. I honestly can’t tell you what she said, what I said, or what was said in the minutes afterwards, but I know it was the happiest moment of both of our lives! Also waiting was a room full of all of our closest friends. The decorations had also been changed to say things like “From Muggle to Mrs.” She also had paper flowers made with our names on them, a snap chat filter, and had collaborated with Sizzle Pie, Portland Cider Co., One Hope Wines, and Portland Gear to make our party even more perfect. The excitement from our engagement is continuing to grow daily. Four days later after our proposal video started to go viral, J.K. Rowling herself tweeted us congratulations. I think we were just as excited as we were during the proposal. This led to many articles and news reports world wide. We are humbled by the amount of love we are receiving, but most importantly, we are eager to start this next chapter of our lives together. I cannot wait to marry my best friend!

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