Madison and Cara

How We Met

We met when working together at Subway.

How They Asked

The proposal was at The Biltmore house on December 19th, 2017. There was a lot of behind the scenes planning so Madison wouldn’t find out it was coming. Everyone who know Madison knows she loves to be snoopy and ruin every surprise ever. I bought the ring on the Saturday morning right after Thanksgiving. Once I had the ring in hand, I had to recruit the help of Madison’s older sister, Ashe, and her partner, Drew. They kept the ring for me, so Madison wouldn’t find it. I decided I wanted to propose at The Biltmore house. I had Ashe ask Madison to go to The Biltmore on one of her days off to have a girl’s day.

The plan was set that they were going on a Tuesday in a couple of weeks. I was super excited but had to hide my emotions, so she wouldn’t catch on. Drew and I had to act like we were going to work on that morning. So, we got up and put our work clothes on and headed out a few minutes apart as we did most mornings. I parked my car in a different part of the apartment complex so that Madison wouldn’t be able to see it on their way out. I changed into a more casual outfit then Drew came to pick me up. And we were off to The Biltmore. We knew we were going to have some time to kill before Madison and Ashe were going to get there so we took our time and stopped for breakfast on the way. Madison and Ashe had a little later start to the day than planned which meant Drew and I had even more time to waste.

Once we got to the Biltmore house we had to figure out where I was going to purpose. I had an idea, but we needed to make sure it was good. I thought it would be nice in the greenhouse with all the pretty flowers. It was pretty but very humid, so Drew’s camera kept fogging up. I needed to find a new spot. Luckily, we had the extra time. I chose a spot right next to the side of the house overlooking the mountains. It was a gorgeous view with a great place for me to hide around the house, so Madison wouldn’t see me when they were walking up. Since we changed the location, we had to let Ashe know but, in a way, that Madison wouldn’t figure out. We tried to text it but it was becoming a bit confusing, so we resorted to snapchat. Drew went to the front of the house and walked taking several videos along the way to show Ashe where to turn and how far to go. They were finally there, and I was so excited to see Madison and ask her to spend the rest of her life with me. Drew and I are hiding behind the house when I hear them talking and walking along the side. Ashe had Madison pose for a picture. When she turned around to fix her hair before the picture she saw me coming around the corner and said, “You’re not supposed to be here!” Of course, I thought that was funny. After that I got down on one knee and asked the love of my life to be with me forever and always. She was very surprised and loved that I was able to surprise her for that special moment. After the proposal, we spent the day walking around and exploring the Biltmore house.

Special Thanks

Marshall Park