Mackenzie and Rachel

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How We Met

I had just gotten home from college and needed a job badly so my cousin hooked me up with a part-time gig at the local @carvel. My first shift happened to be with this girl named Rachel who my cousin LOVED. My cousin said to me, “You’re going to LOVE Rachel, she’s so much fun.” To which I responded, “I have enough friends, I don’t need anymore I just need a job.” Our first shift came and went, we shared about 10 sentences together all day and that was it. Over the course of the next few months we seemed to become close friends. So much so that we would call each other and say, “Hey I’m going to CVS, wanna join?” Rachel had just gotten out of a relationship (with a man) and I was completely unaware of the fact that I’d be slowly falling in love with a girl, being that I never even thought of dating one. One night I took Rachel to a Yankee/Red Sox game and at the end of the night might’ve slipped up and said, “I think I like you but it’s weird because we’re both females.” OOPS. Rachel then had the nerves to kiss me and I just went along with it. The next day I remember thinking, “Well that was weird but I’m into it. This is probably a phase but we’re young so I’ll ride this out.” Two months later I was completely smitten and knew this was not a phase but the beginning of the rest of my life. I quickly decided I wanted to buy her the most beautiful engagement ring. So every day after I got home I would throw my loose change into a bucket and every once in a while I’d roll it. I picked up odds and ends jobs and just threw that money into the bucket and she never had any idea. I went out for drinks with one of my friends one night and told her I wanted to propose and wanted it to be big. Rachel LOVES flowers so we decided the proposal had to include flowers in some way. 2 years into our relationship I started to plan the proposal. 3 and a half years in I began the proposal. 4 and a half years in I finally got down onto a knee. All thanks to our local ice cream shop, my cousin knowing we would love each other and Rachel putting up with how stubborn I was about NOT needing another friend.

How They Asked

Flowers: Rachel LOVES flowers so what better way to propose than with 16 bouquets of flowers? Every month for a year Rachel received 1 (some months 2) bouquets of flowers. The first letter of every card spelt out “Will you marry me.” I made sure I duplicated the cards because let’s be real, she definitely wasn’t gonna keep the corny cards. At one point she asked me, “do you google corny things to write on these cards?” I had to keep my laughter in and play it cool so I wouldn’t blow the big surprise. Little did she know how damn hard it was to come up with cute sayings that start with “U, R, Y, E” and so on. Every bouquet pretty much got its own photo shoot (with our beautiful dog) before I displayed it in our living room for her to come home to. Christmas 2019 came along and Rachel would NOT leave the idea of getting engaged alone. She would say, “it’s engagement season, I can’t wait for you to ask me.” All I could do was laugh and secretly know she’d be getting that ring as soon as I could finish sending her bouquets! Not once did she put anything together until she rounded the corner and saw her 16th bouquet alongside a canvas of every single card she’d received in a years time. Thankfully I had the canvas by my side since I wasn’t actually able to say one word while on a knee. I froze and just stared at her then decided she was going to say yes and put the ring on her finger. The surprise continued into the night where I had thrown her a surprise engagement party. I planned all of this about a year and a half into our relationship. 4 and a half years later I finally got to put it all together and couldn’t be happier.

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