Liz and Ashley

Proposal Ideas Rome, Italy

How We Met

We actually met online, I was not expecting to find anyone because at the time I had just been finding people that were more friends than partners. Ashley messaged me a LONG message, and I just figured I would be nice and answer it. We ended up talking a lot (and sharing the same birthday). Our first date was a few days later and we were actually on that date for over 12 hours because we could not stop talking to each other. It was the first time in a very long time that I knew immediately I wanted to be with somebody in a committed relationship. It proved true that you find love when you stop looking or least expect it.

How They Asked

In October 2016, my family and I were supposed to go to the Bahamas as a family trip for my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, Hurricane Matthew hit the same day we were supposed to leave. After a few weeks of trying to reschedule our trip to many different places and different times, my mom decided to go to Rome in April 2017. My mom and I had been to Rome a few years prior, but our trip was cut short because I had such bad anxiety at a younger age. (The myth is if you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, you will return) and we did return! And it was such an amazing trip this time around.

The ring had been in my room since October 2016 and I detailed steps to the proposal along the way. In February 2017 I asked her parents for their blessing, so we all had a secret from then on. I knew I wanted a photographer to document the proposal and do an engagement session right after. When I was in touch with the photographer and told him the locations I wanted in Rome, he said we would have to be there at 8 AM to avoid crowds. I could not figure out how I was going to get Ashley up out of bed and ready in a foreign country the day after we got off a plane. Now, because this trip was, in fact, for my parents belated 30th wedding anniversary, I got my mom to say a few times in front of Ashley that she kind of wanted pictures to commemorate the trip. I later told Ashley I would probably pay for the pictures to be a good daughter and as a gift and thank you for taking us on the trip to Rome with them.

The photographer actually played along with my plan when we arrived, talking to my parents about their anniversary and picture ideas. My mom also said she wanted a few pictures with us. The photographer took a few pictures of them in front of the Trevi Fountain then set up the shot for Ashley and I. While he was taking pictures of us, I knew I had to make my move. (Now, I drive about an hour each way to work every day so leading up to the proposal I had so many ideas of what to say leading up to the proposal). I forgot everything I was going to say and just took Ashley’s hand and said “I lied”. She looked at me like…what are you talking about? I told her the pictures were not for my parents. Then I pulled the ring out of my pocket and I said “Baby…will you marry me?” She was shocked and giggled and said of course I would!

Where to Propose in Rome, Italy

The photographer finished taking pictures, including some pictures of the 4 of us, then he walked us to our next location, in front of the Pantheon and even inside. He gave us some historical tidbits while we were walking and taking pictures. To capture moments, he asked us all to recount stories of how we met or other things that would be important to us. After the Pantheon, we took a cab to our final location, the Colosseum.

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