Lisana and Regina

How We Met

We met 2 years ago on a dating app called HER SOCIAL APP! we talked for 2 weeks straight and decided we had to meet in person. Regina lived in Mexico City and I was in California at the time escaping the Miami hurricane. We decided to spend a weekend in LA to see if the in-person chemistry would be amazing and it was the best weekend ever! The rest is history! I proposed to Regina 1 year later in Mexico City and she proposed to me almost 1 year after that in Miami, FL with all my friends and family!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Miami, FL

How They Asked

Regina and I have in the process of creating a project together and she set up with our videographer to film the video for the project. We got all dressed up and I memorized the script thinking this was for our business. Regina only had 1 or 2 lines in the script and couldn’t even get those right. I was getting frustrated because I wanted to get it done. It was super humid, I was sweating and ready to get it over with. At one point, Regina went to the car and I kept filming. We ended up walking out to the rocks over the water. At one point Mel (videographer) said we’re going to do something different and put us back to back. I’m going to start speaking and follow the camera.

Lisana's Proposal in Miami, FL

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Miami, FL

We started and as I turned around I saw Regina on one knee and my best friends and family behind! I was completely blown away and shocked! I was like WTF! Are you f*ng kidding me! Lol, 5 minutes later a rainbow appeared. After that, the second surprise let us to a luxury yacht with a private chef, a saxophone player until the sun went down. Best day of my life!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Mel Hope
 | Videographer