Lisa and Raoul

How We Met

We both love hardstyle music and we met for the first time at a festival called fatality. We didn’t really speak then but Raoul definitely caught my eye.

After a while, via Instagram, we started texting and Raoul said he wanted to come to a party with me and my friends. I told him he had to be quick then because I was leaving for Australia for 2 years. I got his number through my friend because she already knew Raoul.

We started texting a lot more because weirdly enough I felt a connection. Not even love wise but I just felt he was like me.

We got more and more personal and a week before I left we decided to hang out and go bowling. Raoul asked if it would be nice to invite some friends ( after all this happens he admitted that he was super nervous haha, bless him ). When we saw each other I was quiet nervous. We said over the phone if we had a moment we’d kiss each other. And so I did.

It was fireworks! As if the whole Sydney New Year’s Eve show was exploding in our body’s!

We spend 5 days together and decided to go for it. We wanted nothing but each other so we started our first long distance relationship. We had to get to know each other via FaceTime.

Lisa and Raoul's Engagement in Den Haag

How They Asked

Well! It was me who proposed!

After being apart for 8 months and spending hours on the phone we dropped the topic of marriage a few times. I never really wanted to get married but for some reason, I felt this was different with Raoul.

After a few conversations about proposing I asked him if he would be alright with it if I dropped on one knee. He laughed and said, of course, you are different you will do it I’m sure. So the preparation began!

I booked us a photoshoot and ordered a puzzle. I came home on a Wednesday. I told Raoul I was arriving in the evening but I surprised him in a big park. It’s was the perfect all you need is love moment and we were finally reunited together.

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Den Haag

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Lisa's Proposal in Den Haag

After 2 days we went to Antwerp and that’s where I every day gave him a piece of the puzzle. I’d made a puzzle with a photo of us saying ‘ will you Mary me’ and I gave him little notes on it with riddles. (Some didn’t have anything to do with marriage just do distract him). We got a tattoo together saying you for me, me for you.

Where to Propose in Den Haag

On the day of the photoshoot Raoul had received all the puzzle pieces. I gave Raoul 2 minutes to puzzle.

He didn’t finish the puzzle but you can see on the bottom that he might have a clue.

The photographer knew that I was going to propose so we had to think of a way for her to give me the ring and give the sign that ‘it’ was about to go down. We had e-mail contact for a long time so we were both super excited!

I wasn’t suspecting to be nervous!! I dropped on one knee and wanted to say all these things but I only could say will you marry me?


We had the best day ever and our photographer simply was amazing!!

Special Thanks

Svenja petersen
 | Photographer