Lisa and Cortney

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How We Met

We met each other six years ago when we both worked for a local hardware store. She worked in the merchandising department and I worked in the installation department. Immediately when I saw her, I knew I needed to talk to her. We were both in relationships at the time so we started out getting to know one another as friends. There was some kind of force that just pulled us toward one another and our friendship blossomed. Eventually both of our relationships ended and we finally admitted our feelings to each other. We have been inseparable ever since.

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How They Asked

My birthday weekend was coming up and she had gotten a few days off from work so we could do something. There was a new Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room installation that was coming to The Broad in downtown Los Angeles that would be showing during my birthday. We decided to try and get tickets and spend the weekend in LA with some of her family. We ended up being very, very lucky and got tickets on the day we wanted.

The day finally came and we met up with her cousins to go to The Broad. We got in line and made our way through the museum, experiencing different infinity rooms. They were all so beautiful! However, I was most excited to go into the next one because it looked so magical from photos I had seen. It was our turn to enter and after they closed the door, we immediately started taking photos (did I mention you only get 30 seconds in each room?).

I was standing there completely in awe of how beautiful this room was and then she took my hands in hers and started talking to me. I could tell she was so nervous; her voice shaking. She explained why she loves me so much and that she wants to spend the rest of her life with me. Then, she got down on one knee and grabbed my right hand. I say to her “Babe, other hand, other hand!” We started laughing as she grabs my left hand and asks me to marry her. I respond with “Yes, of course!”

She stood up, we kissed, and then the door opened because our time was up. We both walk out of the room and I was still completely in shock. It must have been all over our faces because my cousin’s girlfriend, Alexa, looked at us, caught a quick glimpse of my ring, and said “Oh my gosh, you guys!!!!” as she was led into the room for their infinity room experience. While they were in the room, they realized what had just happened. As they exited the room, they all ran over to hug and congratulate us.

They said we needed to make a toast! We walked a few blocks through downtown and celebrated with brunch and champagne at Perch, a rooftop restaurant & bar. The day could not have been any more magical, and we are so happy to have been able to spend it with people that we love! We spent the whole weekend spending time with our families and it was absolutely amazing, but we were in anticipation to see our little love bug (my daughter who was visiting her dad for the weekend) in San Diego.

Although we knew she would be excited about the news of our engagement, she is still quite young, and we wanted this conversation to be easy to understand and inclusive of her feelings. My girlfriend explained to my daughter how much she loves her and wants to be a part of her life forever. She then presented my daughter with a beautiful 3-stone sapphire and diamond ring which belonged to her grandmother. My daughter started crying happy tears and gave my girlfriend a big hug. This weekend has been absolutely perfect, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

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