Linette and Sarah

Linette's Proposal in Thompson Road, Kula, Maui, Hawaii

How We Met

Sarah is undoubtedly my person. She radiates life, and I am happiest with her by my side. Our paths to each other have included much growth and massive self-awareness (we are now both 36). We accept each other for who we are.

We are not a reflection of each other but partners who make each other better, and I always feel at home when I’m with her. I’m completely taken by Sarah’s magic balance of beauty, infectious joy, and strength.

How They Asked

I started planning a surprise proposal for her in October 2018. After significant planning evolution, I purchased matching rose gold rings for the big day. I hired a talented LGBTQ-friendly professional photographer to capture my proposal while remaining incognito on the roadside. Sarah and I take weekly walks at a lush, scenic, meandering road in Maui. Carefully, I convinced her to go for a walk at our special place before a planned family dinner.

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Linette and Sarah's Engagement in Thompson Road, Kula, Maui, Hawaii

She agreed, and then at a pre-selected location, I dropped to one knee in my dinner dress and asked those four magic words. When Sarah said yes, I felt both thrilled and relieved. Sarah was completely caught off-guard because she expected a proposal in Iceland in September 2019. We have an Iceland trip planned to see something on her bucket list: the Northern Lights. For months I sent her misleading Instagram photos of Northern Lights proposals and had her well convinced that was my proposal plan.

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Little did she know, I had a second surprise. Sarah and I had plans for a family dinner, which she did not know was actually a surprise engagement party with 25 of our loved ones. Sarah was expecting dinner with eight people, but walked into a house full of 25 people celebrating us! Her cousins helped immaculately decorate the house, cook, and hide everyone’s cars and shoes. It was a labor of love, and I couldn’t have pulled off the double surprise in one evening without my friend’s and her family’s help. We shared hugs, laughter, wine, and good eats. A chocolate raspberry cake that said “I kissed a girl and I liked it” was the hit of the party! We normally talk about everything, and it was a struggle holding my tongue with countless details for months. The planning was well worth it, and it was the best day ever! Sarah and I choose love everyday and every color of the rainbow that comes with it!

Special Thanks

Tad Craig Photography
 | Photographer