Lindsey and Amy

Image 1 of Lindsey and Amy

How We Met

Amy and Lindsey first met on an app. Amy sent the first message, and Lindsey wasn’t so sure about giving a nursing student a chance! She even deleted the app after they started talking. Quickly, Lindsey realized her mistake, redownloaded the app, and scoured the potential matches for Amy. When she found her, Amy was convinced she was a catfish! Lindsey had to prove her innocence with mutual friends and a Facebook friend request! Their first FaceTime date was 4 days later. Amy traveled 2 hours to meet Lindsey, and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Lindsey fell in love with Asheville, NC and Biltmore Estate when she visited for a rotation during her fourth year of medical school. She took Amy there for a trip for their first dating anniversary/Thanksgiving, and Amy fell in love too! Amy and Lindsey planned a return trip for their second anniversary/Thanksgiving. They both had a great idea: propose in their favorite spot, Biltmore Estate! Amy and Lindsey both kept their plans secret for over 6 months! Lindsey hired a photographer and told Amy it was an “anniversary present.” Amy believed her, but had other plans. After the first 2 photos were taken, Amy knealt down and took out a ring box. Lindsey exclaimed, “Oh, shoot!” Amy panicked, thinking Lindsey was injured. However, when she looked up, Lindsey was on her knee too! They both got out “Will you marry me?” but forgot to say “yes!” Yet, somehow they other ended up with the most perfect rings on their fingers!

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Special Thanks

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