Lindsay and Audree

how we met

After some hesitation on both of our parts, Lindsay and I were introduced by a mutual friend. It was your typical modern day blind date where we both did some extensive prior social media creeping. Our first date was a low key Sunday brunch at Taxman Brewing in Fortville, a place we still love to visit often. As for the genius that introduced us, she will be officiating our wedding in July 2020. This was the first wedding detail Lindsay and I discussed, and something we are both unbelievably excited about. Having the opportunity to go back to the place where we first met to take some of our engagement photos was an incredible experience. We can’t thank Taxman Brewing and Samantha Mitchell Photography enough for making that a reality!

how they asked

Lindsay proposed to me at the top of Empire Bluff Trail in Honor, Michigan, just outside of Traverse City in mid April 2019. In typical Lindsay fashion, her proposal was an all day event that she planned down to the very detail. Our day began at the Frankfort North Pier Lighthouse in Frankfort, Michigan. The weather wasn’t exactly what Lindsay had hoped for. It was chilly and lightly raining. We walked down the pier hand and hand until we arrived at the lighthouse where Lindsay handed me a card with the #1 on it. The card discussed the symbolism between our relationship and the safety of a lighthouse. After taking several photos together, we were off to our second stop Point Betsie Lighthouse Beach. Here I was handed another card with the #2 on it. This beach was made entirely of rocks, each one being unique and different. Together we walked along the beach in search of a rock that we felt represented our relationship in uniqueness and strength. Our third stop was the Dune Climb at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. After climbing to the top of the first dune, Lindsay handed me a card with the #3 on it along with a ball jar. This card discussed the heights we had been able to reach together and the amazing journey we had been on to build our relationship from the ground up. We filled the ball jar with sand from the dune and continued on our adventure. Our final stop was next, the Empire Bluff Trail. When we arrived at the trail head, the weather hadn’t improved. It was now foggy on top of the low temperate and intermittent drizzle. I could tell at this point that Lindsay was nervous as our pace on the trail was swift. About half way up the trail, there was a small overlook where we were supposed to be able to see the water. Due to the fog, we couldn’t see anything past the trees. As we approached the top of the trail, I saw a photographer checking the lighting. This was the moment I realized a proposal was coming. Lindsay stopped me on this wooden bridge at the top of trail and took my hands. We shared an amazing moment together and she ultimately got down on one knee and asked me to marry her. We immediately celebrated by popping a bottle of champagne Lindsay had packed in her backpack. Even though you are unable to see the water and the beautiful slights of the bluff in our photos, we cherish the majesticness of the fog and look forward to returning to see the rest of the view at a later date. I later learned this was a plan about six months in the making.

Special Thanks