Linda and Holly

Wedding Proposal Ideas in San Diego Airport

How We Met

Meeting Linda on Bumble, I like to say ” We swiped right into each other’s hearts” ! However, it took a couple of tries. The first time we matched, she messaged me after a few days of talking and shared she will be taking it further with another woman and wanted to let me know as to not ghost someone.

Well! 6 months later, I see her back on Bumble and thought to myself ” Well I guess that didn’t work out “. I stayed on her profile for a while asking myself if I give her a second chance. What the heck, I swiped right a second time, and ‘ MATCH’! I took no time, messaged her and asked for a phone call. Our first phone call, I was rolling on the ground laughing so hard my stomach hurt. We were instantly compatible!

2 months later we did what a stereotypical lesbian does and U-Hauled it. ‘U-Hauling’ is a term in the Lesbian world where two women who start dating move in together in a VERY quick amount of time.

Linda and Holly's Engagement in San Diego Airport

Marriage Proposal Ideas in San Diego Airport

How They Asked

I had gone to Cabo, Mexico on a work trip and upon my arrival back Linda greeted me, my boss, and my coworker at the international baggage claim. Immediately she asks if we could go with her to the other baggage claim because she forgot her book.

Walking into baggage claim, the area was empty. Linda took me further into a corner of the airport, and suddenly I see my mom pop out. And then a few of my friends. And then MORE of my friends! Each one carrying a red rose in their hands, my friends and family surround both Linda and I. I’m completely shocked! At first I was thinking Linda wanted to impress my boss, showing him how many friends I had to pick me up from the airport. Well that’s excessive!

And then I knew. Linda gets down on one knee. Not only am I getting proposed to, I am getting proposed to without a ring! She takes out a bracelet made of emeralds and states she doesn’t want to postpone our proposal just because we have not finished designing our rings. Waiting for the perfect moment had us wait to propose to one another, and we didn’t want to wait anymore. :)


Little did Linda know that when I had left for Mexico I ordered a custom kitty shirt for our little one to wear. The t-shirt asked ” Will you marry my mom?”. The great thing about being in a same sex relationship is that it defies traditional norms. Either girl can ask the other to propose or both can propose!

On the same day Linda proposed, she dropped me off at home to take the car back. RUSHING to find the package, I ripped it open, grabbed kitty and put her new t shirt on.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment.

Kitty was sitting in the chair when Linda walked in. She noticed right away Kitty’s new clothing and began reading the t shirt.

I don’t know who was more surprised that day. Linda or myself.

Here’s to a double proposal kind of day!

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