Lexie and Emily

Image 1 of Lexie and Emily

How We Met

Emily and I worked together at St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI. I started around 6 months before she did. When she came to campus for her interview, she reached out to me afterwards to get coffee and talk about the role and the campus climate. I was honored to be instantly connected with her. We became instant best friends, and eventually our relationship blossomed into a beautiful romance.

How They Asked

We had breakfast reservations in the back of the Magic Kingdom, but the bus ride caused us to be a little bit late. I told her we should have a cast member take our photo in front of the castle before the park filled up with a lot of people. Even though it would make us even later for our reservation, we stopped anyway. As she smiled for the photos, I started to tell a story about the first time we went to Disney World together, where we shared a magical moment under the fireworks. I told her I wanted to bring her back to the exact spot we found that magic, where I fell in love with her for the first time. I painted a tinkerbell on the ring box and asked her to help make all my dreams come true with a little faith, trust, and “pixie dust” (aka the ring). When we got home, she took me to our favorite winery in Charlottesville. We sat on the porch, where we had when we first moved there. She told me then that she wanted nothing more than a life like this, sitting on the porch together forever. She repeated the sentiment at the proposal, where we agreed to continue our lives just like that.

Image 2 of Lexie and Emily