Lexi and Zack

How We Met

Like many small-town couples, we actually can’t pinpoint an exact “first time we met” moment. We’ve just always kind of known each other- that happens when you live in a small town with less than 800 people in your high school! After much deliberation, we think the first time we officially met was Fourth of July 2007 when a couple of his friends and a couple of my friends snuck onto the roof of our local movie theater to watch the fireworks. This was over ten years ago when we were both still in high school!

Lexi's Proposal in The Palace or Fine Arts, San Francisco

How They Asked

I actually proposed to him. We had been talking about getting married for a few months when I decided to just go for it! He had dropped a few hints and made a few casual jokes about proposing to me (he even asked me to share my Pinterest board with him) but I wanted to beat him to the punch ;)

My family was in town for thanksgiving that weekend and it was important to me that we were surrounded by loved ones when I popped the question. I planned a casual family picnic at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco and hid the ring in the pocket of my jeans. My brother had known for months that I was going to propose but I didn’t let the rest of the family in on the secret until the morning of.

When we arrived, my brother suggested that my partner and I take some pictures together in front of the building since it was such a pretty day. This was it! While posing for photos, my partner made a joke about this being the perfect time for him to propose and even pretended to reach for a ring! “Are you really trying to propose right now? Because I am.” I said to him. The shock on his face when I laughed and pulled a ring out of my pocket was priceless! The first thing he said was “Are you f*cking kidding me?” He thought I was pulling a prank!

He said yes and we both got a little teary-eyed. Our family and all the spectators who had gathered were cheering and laughing. We were filled with so much joy! Our wedding is this November and I couldn’t be more excited.

Where to Propose in The Palace or Fine Arts, San Francisco

Special Thanks

 | My brother took pictures and help plan the whole thing!